Small Businesses need Supply Chain Management too!

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I spent a lot of time lately consulting with small businesses. I love the passion, energy and commitment of small business owners. Unfortunately, the commitment required to make the business succeed often places limits on the time available to do some of the basics required for success.
Over the next few months I will be working on a series of short books geared towards helping small business owners understand in clear terms ways that they can manage their supply chain and logistics processes. The first category I will be tackling will be inventory management.
I am looking for input for other areas we should be considering as we go forward in writing these helpful guides. I am open to suggestions-please share your ideas for ways we can help small businesses today and tomorrow.  
(Photo by Michael Patrick, Creative Commons License, titled "girl and bakery case, Stella's Pastry and Café, Columbus Avenue, San Francisco, November 29, 2008" )