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Supply Chain Innovations Today® (SCIT) delivers practical innovations to your supply chain for large and small companies and organizations. Our clients span the length and breadth of supply chain operations including the US Department of Defense, public utilities, retail, technology, and pharmaceutical companies, and “mom and pop” online and retail operations.


From strategic or implementation planning, to training programs, SCIT delivers. Our hands-on approach ensures we provide execution-ready solutions to your production, transportation, or inventory problems. Whether you are seeking to collaborate more fully with your partners, achieve better control over your warehouse operations and inventory control, or develop a more efficient distribution and transportation network, SCIT delivers.


Our CEO, Dr. Steve Brady, is committed to sharing his thoughts with the widest audience possible, and as quickly as possible. He has his blog here to share what he finds as he is constantly seeking new ways to bring innovative processes and technologies to supply chains. Follow his thoughts here, and in our podcasts, to learn how you can transform your supply chain. More...