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Innovation Corner | Supply Chain Innovations
14 Mar
  • Collaborative Supply Chains, Bullwhips, and Corona
By Stephan Brady In Topics Posted March 14, 2020
Looking at the COVID 19 toilet paper problem (and now, canned goods, cleaning supplies, and others) from a supply chain perspective, this is going to be an interesting case study of the bullwhip effect–unless managed very carefully. The “bullwhip effect” normally discusses the fact that demands for a product are relatively constant but that the […]
11 Jan
By admin In Uncategorized Posted January 11, 2017
In the last column I wrote how innovations in sensor technology are driving down the costs and increasing the availability of connected sensors.  This has the potential of truly transforming the way small businesses, and supply chains, operate.  And remember, the thought here is to highlight what any business can do–no waiting for the “big […]
5 Feb
By admin In Uncategorized Posted February 5, 2015
Our CEO, Steve Brady, is a frequent contributor to eft.com and wrote a series last year on the Internet of Things. You can read this article, and the following 2 articles, at http://eft.com/column/internet-things  The “Internet of Things” has been a topic of discussion for several years now and, like so many of the innovative topics […]
9 Sep
By admin In Uncategorized Posted September 9, 2014
Recently a new battlefront has opened in the textbook wars: the battle between online booksellers and the on-campus bookstore. As the online resellers (Amazon.com, Chegg, andhalf.com to name but three) aggressively market on campus, the bookstores are beginning to press their “rights” under the “exclusivity clauses” of their contracts with the Universities.   The alternative booksellers […]
22 Aug
  • 3D Printing-Hype Or New Industrial Revolution?
By admin In Uncategorized Posted August 22, 2014
I was recently invited to pen the introduction and the conclusion to this Eye For Transport packet on 3D printing. Is 3D truly over-hyped, or could we be on the verge of the next “Industrial Revolution?”  Download the packet and see what others think, and be sure to share your thoughts in the comments. In […]
14 Aug
By admin In Uncategorized Posted August 14, 2014
Dr Brady is now a regular columnist with eft.com “Eye for Transport.” His first article comes from his use of Google Glass for over a year. (http://www.eft.com/column/benefits-google-glass-your-supply-chain) Google Glass has been out “in the wild” for a little over a year and with the number of units still only in the tens of thousands Google […]
30 Jan
By admin In Podcast Posted January 30, 2013
Lora Cecere, author of the recent best-seller Bricks Matter: The Role of Supply Chains in Building Market-Driven Differentiation returns to give us a few updates on the NRF BIG SHOW, and to talk about some of what she is seeing happening in supply chains today. Specifically, she shares with us why she believes we have reached the […]
22 Jan
By admin In Uncategorized Posted January 22, 2013
Dr Brady, CEO of Supply Chain Innovations Today, will be speaking at the January combined “CSCMP Roundtable” and National Defense Transportation Association” dinner event. The event will be held in the Morrison Gallery at the Penn State University Library on the Penn State Harrisburg campus, in Middletown, PA (map here). The cost for the event, […]
16 Jan
By admin In Podcast Posted January 16, 2013
Robert Brindle joins our CEO for a discussion about innovation in procurement. It is an interesting chat spurred in part by his post discussing “Innovation, Reformation, or Obsolescence in Procurement? ” What do you think? Is “old school” procurement obsolete? Does it really need to change? Download: Robert Brindle, ProcureXcellence Click “more” to download, or […]
10 Aug
By admin In Podcast Posted August 10, 2012
Alan Day joins us after a several year hiatus to talk about the latest in supplier relationship management.  Specifically, he talks about State of Flux’s views on how to be a better customer to your supplier.    It’s an interesting take, considering companies spend so much time focusing managing their relationships with customers, perhaps it […]