20 Feb
By admin In Podcast Posted February 20, 2012
We talk with Sheila Barry about her product, the E3Pak, which is set to revolutionize the packaging of “hard goods.” In this podcast, she explains how her product can reduce waste, improve efficiencies, contribute to the bottom line while satisfying customers with your product.  Listen, and visit her website at  http://E3Pak.com Follow Steve on Twitter, […]
4 Feb
By admin In Podcast Posted February 4, 2012
We chat with Dr Peter Swan from Penn State University, in Harrisburg. His recent study (with Michael Belzer of Wayne State University) found that increased privatization of highways may increase the traffic on what are perceived to be free roads (of course, they carry costs–just not directly billed.) According to a Penn State press release: […]
19 Dec
By admin In Podcast Posted December 19, 2011
In this interview, I talk with Matt Johnson about the earliest days of CPFR­®, and in fact we go back to when it first started, and was known as CFAR.  For those that go back far enough, we remember when CPFR®  was the 9 Step model.  In this interview, Matt reveals how it transformed into the […]
14 Dec
By admin In Uncategorized Posted December 14, 2011
One element common to most major catastrophes is the chain reaction failure of redundant systems. Whether we’re talking about the Challenger or Columbia disasters, drill rig disasters, railroad disasters, or even simple automobile accidents we read time and time again about a series of safety checks and systems that failed. Not to be overly dramatic […]
3 Dec
By admin In Podcast Posted December 3, 2011
In this Voice of VICS I talk with Andre Martin- co-founder Red Prairie Collaborative Flowcasting Group, LLC. He is considered the father of Distribution Resource Planning, or DRP. He talks about the early days, when he was developing the concept of DRP while working at Abbott, and how that has evolved into Flow Casting among […]
1 Dec
By admin In Podcast Posted December 1, 2011
Technical and political Lessons learned from those who were involved with Collaborative Planning Forecasting and Replenishment (CPFR®) from the very beginning… Chris Sellers – Interim CEO, Mobeam In this installment of interviews about the beginnings of the CPFR movement, we interview Chris Sellers, who is currently the CEO of Mobeam. Previously, as CEO of Agentrics, […]
4 Nov
By admin In Uncategorized Posted November 4, 2011
Mark Roberti has written a very good article over at RFIDJournal.com “What the RFID Industry can Learn from Steve Jobs.” Mark makes, as always, very good points. It should come as no surprise that some of the aspects of products that Steve Jobs tackled (simplicity, focus on the consumer not the technology). Go read the […]
18 Mar
By admin In Uncategorized Posted March 18, 2011
I had a discussion today with a few colleagues in a conversation hosted by VICS.org and in that conversation we talked about how organizations can use “social media” and “social networking” to help get their message out. I think we can all agree that what we are doing is important. If it wasn’t I would […]
10 Mar
By admin In Uncategorized Posted March 10, 2011
A recent study by Customer Growth Partner seems to indicate that Target is beating Wal-Mart on Wal-Mart’s home turf. Now the study they conducted (as reported in Chicago Breaking News) is limited in scope. It only looked at 35 brand name items in 3 states, but it does seem to mirror experiences seen by consumers […]
18 Feb
By admin In Podcast Posted February 18, 2011
In this interview (recorded LAST YEAR in anticipation of the 2010 VICS Achievement awards) I talk with Randy Salley, VP for Supply Chain IT at Hewlett-Packard. Mr Salley shares his thoughts on the value of collaboration. For this interview and more, visit VICS.org Check back–we will be sharing interviews leading up to THIS year’s recognition […]