14 Feb
By admin In Topics Posted February 14, 2011
I was reading through the Sourcing Innovation blog today (an interesting read btw) and came across a post mentioning that when you have to expedite a package there is little choice–FedEx or UPS. Of course, that left off DHL, but then again, it is a distant third. What the article used as a jumping-off point, […]
10 Feb
By admin In Podcast Posted February 10, 2011
I conducted this interview with Leroy Allen, the VP for Logistics Planning and Forecasting at Lowe’s. This interview was part of the preparation for VICS 13th Annual Collaborative Commerce Achievement Awards. Listen as Leroy shares some of the challenges they face and how Lowe’s faces them in partnership with their trading partners. Download:  Leroy Allen […]
1 Oct
By admin In Uncategorized Posted October 1, 2010
I have been working on a draft document seeking to explain how a large not-for-profit organization can grow into the future, and do so by seeking funding from the government and the community. As I pondered ways this could be done I was brought back to my discussion here, and the research I conducted with […]
29 Sep
By admin In Uncategorized Posted September 29, 2010
My friend Joe Tillman is at the CSCMP (Council for Supply Chain Management Professionals) 2010 conference this week and he has been acting as the “roving digital reporter” recording interviews all week long. This is his first effort at this sort of reporting, and I think he has done a great job with technology he […]
19 Dec
By admin In Uncategorized Posted December 19, 2009
My friends Joe Tillman and Kate Vitasek have written a very timely article discussing the “perfect order.” What they point out is that, while service providers may have “perfect order fulfillment” as their goal, you won’t get there if you don’t have as your measure of perfection the same measure as your customer. They do […]
2 Mar
By admin In Podcast Posted March 2, 2009
In this episode, I talk with Alan Day, the owner and managing director of State of Flux, a company focused on helping companies improve Supply Relationship Management (SRM). We talk about the importance of these relationships, understanding the complexities and nuances in SRM, and some of the ways State of Flux works with businesses. Alan […]
28 Feb
By admin In News Story Posted February 28, 2009
Are you a Supply Chain Professional that is on Twitter? We are developing a community of Supply Chain folks that are twitter. We are simply registering our Twitter name, and SC areas of interest, in a Google form, and then when you view the published form, you can see all those who have also “self-identified” […]
18 Feb
By admin In Topics Posted February 18, 2009
I was involved in a research effort where we explored industry “best practices” in achieving “Outcome Focused Performance.” In a nutshell, we were trying to discover how the best organizations subjugate what they do to the Outcome (with a capital O) that they hoped to achieve. One of the first issues we had to grapple […]
24 Jan
By admin In Podcast Posted January 24, 2009
I talk with Ken Lyon, Managing Director of Bit Logistics, and with Jean-Baptiste Perrin, responsible for Support and Marketing at BitLogistics. They share with us their approach to delivering what some call “Software as a Service” (SaaS), or software available “On-Demand”. Solutions like this are one facet of the “Cloud Computing” phenomena and they explain […]
26 Jun
By admin In Podcast Posted June 26, 2008
I talk with Tony Pittman about “Services Supply Chains” and how that is similar to, and different from, product oriented supply chains. Tony shares with us some of the unique and interesting challenges associated with this, and then he turns the tables on me, asking what students say when we start talking about services rather […]