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CSCMP 2010 Roving Reporter!
CSCMP 2010 Roving Reporter!
By admin In Uncategorized Posted September 29, 2010 0 Comments

My friend Joe Tillman is at the CSCMP (Council for Supply Chain Management Professionals) 2010 conference this week and he has been acting as the “roving digital reporter” recording interviews all week long. This is his first effort at this sort of reporting, and I think he has done a great job with technology he already has (for instance, he just used his Droid phone to do the recording!)

I recommend his interviews to you, if you are interested in getting a small flavor of what you are missing at CSCMP this year.

He has conducted interviews with:
Keiko Arai
Sascha Tietje
Tim Feemster
Dr Donald Tham, Toronto Roundtable Education Chair

among others.

Check them out, and be sure to let Joe know you appreciated what he has done! 29

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