16 Dec
By admin In Podcast Posted December 16, 2006
Private Industry goes to the moon! In this episode, I talk with Tom Taylor about his company, Lunar Transportation Systems. He shares with us some of his experiences in remote locations with extreme environments that he believes provide valuable experience by analogy to operations on the Moon. In addition, he shares with us why he […]
3 Dec
By admin In Podcast Posted December 3, 2006
In this interview, I talk with Joe Andraski, the President and CEO of VICS. Joe shares with us the history of VICS and some of their early successes as a “standards” organization, and also many of the challenges that VICS is taking on as they look to the future. As Joe mentions, the past successes […]
28 Nov
By admin In Podcast Posted November 28, 2006
Episode 2 of Supply Chain Innovations Today. In this podcast, I interviewed Nigel Wood, the Director of Industry Relations, GS1 Canada & EPCglobal Canada. We talked about about the mission of GS1 and the role they play in providing standards for supply chain transactions. For more information about GS1 Canada, visit their site. Be sure […]