Steve Brady With Alan Day–State Of Flux, Supplier Relationship Management
By admin In Podcast Posted March 2, 2009 0 Comments

In this episode, I talk with Alan Day, the owner and managing director of State of Flux, a company focused on helping companies improve Supply Relationship Management (SRM). We talk about the importance of these relationships, understanding the complexities and nuances in SRM, and some of the ways State of Flux works with businesses. Alan provided an article he has written, sharing with us his view on “A Winning Position.”Take the time to download it and read it! In addition, Alan mentioned the survey they are conducting regarding SRM. He writes: Supplier relationship management (SRM) remains a hot topic for organisations, but creating the business case for change in this area is often challenging. We all understand intuitively that SRM is the right thing to do, but it is difficult to put absolute values on the benefits that can be achieved through an SRM improvement programme. State of Flux has launched a survey that looks at how organisations approach SRM and their business cases for change. All organisations that complete the survey will receive a complementary copy of the results and be invited to a cross-organisational workshop on the topic. To access this survey click on the following link:

Download: Alan Day