Interview With Matt Johnson… Lessons Learned From Those Who Were Involved With Collaborative Planning Forecasting And Replenishment (CPFR®) From The Very Beginning
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In this interview, I talk with Matt Johnson about the earliest days of CPFR­®, and in fact we go back to when it first started, and was known as CFAR.  For those that go back far enough, we remember when CPFR®  was the 9 Step model.  In this interview, Matt reveals how it transformed into the “wheel” or “Quadrant” model we know today.

From the Interview:

More important than that depiction has the realization that CPFR needs to have variance because different companies have different business issues that they’re trying to address through collaboration. I chaired a committee to define a process that we called retail event collaboration which takes promotional events and drives a collaboration based upon promotions certainly with forecasts and historical data there but as more of a validation point or background data. Others, like Fred Bowman of JDA, have worked on different models where you have distributor based collaboration and then more recently we’ve had a model where we’ve had assortment-based merchandise-driven collaboration for the fashion, apparel and specialty retail industries… What’s nice is that CPFR has spawned processes that are more industry specific over time and that can be easily used by different pairs of trading partners as a guide to more effective collaboration. It’s not just a one size fits all anymore.

Download: Interview with Matt Johnson

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