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Interview With Harley Feldman, Seeonic
Interview With Harley Feldman, Seeonic
By admin In Podcast Posted July 2, 2012 0 Comments

Dr Brady caught up with Harley Feldman, the CEO and Founder of Seeonic.  RFID is growing in many areas now, and has overcome the initial resistance to this new technology.  Harley talks about the challenges retailers face, and the powerful benefit that RFID can provide in solving these challenges.

He points out that inventory accuracy is perhaps the biggest “win” for retailers.

I think people aren’t very good counters–including myself… they get above 10 or 20 items and we just lose count.

Harley shares the approach his company follows–not your typical handheld solution, so it even removes that labor piece.

Listen in to the conversation, and by all means, leave your thoughts on what challenges your business faces and whether you think RFID is a viable choice today, and tomorrow.

Download now: Interview with Harley Feldman

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