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Lora Cecere–The Supply Chain Shaman
Lora Cecere–The Supply Chain Shaman
By admin In Podcast Posted July 18, 2012 0 Comments

Lora Cecere takes time out of her busy schedule to talk with Dr Brady, and share her thoughts on the directions and challenges facing the supply chain and enterprise technologies.  She takes the time to talk about the need for systems to sense the activities from the outside, including consumers and suppliers, and evolution of systems, allowing for the sensing of supplier failures and demand data reducing latency in responses. She really challenges the listener, as she talks about a change of information flow no longer just flowing out from our organization.  As she said:

The movement from the inside out to the outside in is a revolution not an evolution, a lot of the new forms of data that we are getting from devices across the supply chain … can’t just be stuffed into the enterprise applications.

Lora helps draw the connection not only from typical retail type spaces to the Defense industry, the grocery industry and other significant,fragile, and complicated supply chains.

It was a pleasure to hear her thoughts.  Learn more about Lora at her Supply Chain Shaman website .

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