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Alan Day And Supplier Relationship Management
Alan Day And Supplier Relationship Management
By admin In Podcast Posted August 10, 2012 0 Comments

Alan Day joins us after a several year hiatus to talk about the latest in supplier relationship management.  Specifically, he talks about State of Flux’s views on how to be a better customer to your supplier.    It’s an interesting take, considering companies spend so much time focusing managing their relationships with customers, perhaps it is time they learned how to be better customers themselves!

Listen and learn more after the break.

Much of what he talks about comes from the annual survey they conduct, and State of Flux would appreciate you going to their site, and taking their survey as well. Just visit their site and take the survey, on the right hand side of their page, or follow the links below:


Buyer side survey

Supplier side survey

Learn more about State of Flux, their reports, and their work, at

Download:  Alan Day and State of Flux

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