Social Networks And Listening To Customers
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While driving last night my wife started reading to me the “virtual town hall” she was reading in Twitter.  Every Wednesday night the Diabetes Social Media Advocacy group holds an online discussion through twitter using the hasthtag #DSMA.  Last night they asked a series of questions among them were three questions asking what diabetics would […]
Small Businesses Need Supply Chain Management Too!
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I spent a lot of time lately consulting with small businesses. I love the passion, energy and commitment of small business owners. Unfortunately, the commitment required to make the business succeed often places limits on the time available to do some of the basics required for success. Over the next few months I will be […]
Redundancy And Customer Satisfaction
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One element common to most major catastrophes is the chain reaction failure of redundant systems. Whether we’re talking about the Challenger or Columbia disasters, drill rig disasters, railroad disasters, or even simple automobile accidents we read time and time again about a series of safety checks and systems that failed. Not to be overly dramatic […]
Learning From Steve Jobs–RFID, And Logistics
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Mark Roberti has written a very good article over at “What the RFID Industry can Learn from Steve Jobs.” Mark makes, as always, very good points. It should come as no surprise that some of the aspects of products that Steve Jobs tackled (simplicity, focus on the consumer not the technology). Go read the […]
Social Media And Supply Chain Organizations
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I had a discussion today with a few colleagues in a conversation hosted by and in that conversation we talked about how organizations can use “social media” and “social networking” to help get their message out. I think we can all agree that what we are doing is important. If it wasn’t I would […]
Target Bests Walmart In Prices: Does Service Trump Supply Chain?
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A recent study by Customer Growth Partner seems to indicate that Target is beating Wal-Mart on Wal-Mart’s home turf. Now the study they conducted (as reported in Chicago Breaking News) is limited in scope. It only looked at 35 brand name items in 3 states, but it does seem to mirror experiences seen by consumers […]
How Being Outcome Focused Helps Develop Resources
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I have been working on a draft document seeking to explain how a large not-for-profit organization can grow into the future, and do so by seeking funding from the government and the community. As I pondered ways this could be done I was brought back to my discussion here, and the research I conducted with […]
CSCMP 2010 Roving Reporter!
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My friend Joe Tillman is at the CSCMP (Council for Supply Chain Management Professionals) 2010 conference this week and he has been acting as the “roving digital reporter” recording interviews all week long. This is his first effort at this sort of reporting, and I think he has done a great job with technology he […]
The Perfect Order Is…?
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My friends Joe Tillman and Kate Vitasek have written a very timely article discussing the “perfect order.” What they point out is that, while service providers may have “perfect order fulfillment” as their goal, you won’t get there if you don’t have as your measure of perfection the same measure as your customer. They do […]
Math Features Added
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For those of you that have been wondering how we can have serious discussions on this board, without the ability to embed Math Equations (yeah, I know–the FIRST thought you had!) I have now included the latest in website goodness–the Math Equation Editor! So if you want to display: [tex] x=\frac{-b\pm\sqrt{b^2-4ac}}{2a}[/tex] For more information on […]
New Forums
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I have decided to add a “new” feature to this site: Book Clubs. I have created a forum for the discussion of “The Tipping Point” by Malcolm Gladwell, and this is a prelude to our discussion of “”Made to Stick” by the Heath brothers. Visit the forums (you can click on the Forum tab above!) […]